Who Am I?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, trying to decide what I was going to say. Finally, I decided to just google ‘things to write about myself,’ and thanks to WikiHow here I am, and here we go.


My name is Emily, I was born in New Zealand at around 3:30 pm on the 2nd of August 1998. My Mum wanted to call me Amelia after the famous flyer Amelia Earheart, unfortunately Dad hated the name so this was as close as she could get. I’ve grown up in the same province my entire life with my parents and younger brother, having only moved houses once, and all the schools I’ve been to are right next to each other. The only seas I’ve ever crossed is the Cook Strait between the North and South Island, and have never been on planes anywhere else. I have one dog, a 10 year old Jack Russell mixed with who-knows-what, and I absolutely love him (cannot find a photo, how crazy is that?), our other passed away a few years ago at the age of sixteen.

I love reading, I’ve spent hours reading hundreds of books over many holidays, even winning the award for ‘Most Books Read’ over the six years at my primary school. I write a lot, as I am always being inspired by other books, movies, tv programs, songs and more, but I’ve only ever finished one novel in my¬†entire¬†life! I’m always flitting from one idea to the other, which means I exhaust an idea then leave it.
I love taking photos, which is why I saved up over $600 to buy a canon Sx60Hs, which my family and I have taken full advantage of. This passion also comes in the form of art, mainly doodles on paper and in my books.


As for my personality, I’ve always tried my best with the things I do, and was lucky enough to get many awards through out my schooling life, getting the most (six) awards in my last year at primary for doing voluntary work in different areas of the school.
I’m kind, and caring, with a dry and sometimes dark sense of humor. If you ever need to tell me something, you can trust that I’ll keep it a secret.
Despite what my friends and family may think, I hate confrontation, and I keep my true feelings to myself.
I’m a very emotional person, able to sympathize and empathize with others on a deeper level, that can often lead to lots of tears (regardless of whether I know them or not). But one thing I can’t do is express my feelings. I’ve always been one to keep tight-lipped about myself, not saying what I really think. I’ve never told my Mum how upset I get sometimes when I look in the mirror, and hate what I see, rather telling her that I’m fine and happy with myself. I never get upset and say how much I hate it when my parents argue, instead saying that it’s fine, I’m not really bothered, I don’t really care. There are so many things I keep to myself, and I know it’s unhealthy, which is why I hope I can use this place as an outlet, where I can say what I think and feel without disappointing or upsetting people who know me.
Wow, that took a darker turn. I think generally I have a negative mindset, it’s just easier for me to feel gloom and doom all the time. I do try to be positive, but it can get so tiring sometimes.
Anyway, that’s just a bit about me, and before you all go ‘love yourself, you’re beautiful the way you are,’ trust me, I’ve tried, I’m trying, but that really doesn’t help, in fact it makes me feel worse, but I appreciate it all the same.
If there’s anything else you might like to know about me, please ask and I may put it in another post. Sorry if this depressed you, it wasn’t my intention XD
Thanks for reading, Emily




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